Web resources for Web Design

Learning HTML and CSS

html-iconCSS from the Ground Up
Excellent tutorial on HTML and CSS using the ‘correct modern style’ encouraged on the course.

W3Schools has lots of good tutorials at all levels. It is also a good place to start with more advanced stuff, such as PHP.

Open source text editors for web design

Nice open source text editor.

Komodo Edit
Open source text editor with lots of features.

Useful tools to help with web design

W3C HTML Validator
The W3C Validation Service — check your HTML conforms to web standards.

W3C CSS Validator
The W3C Validation Service — check your CSS conforms to web standards.

Pixlr Editor
A great tool for editing your images online. Useful if you do not have PhotoShop.

Colour Picker
A tool for picking colours.

Colour blender
A tool for blending colours.

jQuery plugins

Lightbox 2
A lightbox ‘plugin’ for your image galleries.
An extensive collection of jQuery plugins.


Basic Guide
A basic guide to using WordPress.

Domain and hosting resources

The administrators of .uk domain names. Use the site to check if your UK domain name is available.

Reliable Brighton–based web hosting.

Other resources

Metatag resources
Links to more than you ever need to know about metatags.

Writing for the Web

More advanced CSS

Lots of great guides to using HTML, CSS and JavaScript – from basic to advanced. For details of how to build drop-down menus using CSS see the Sons of Suckerfish article.
More advanced CSS stuff, focusing on browser compatibility issues.

Responsive Web Design Basics
Getting started with responsive design.

HTML5 Doctor
Good reference for the new tags in HTML5.

The CSS Playground
The CSS playground — lots of good advanced examples for those who know the basics.

A List Apart
Advanced articles and discussions on CSS–based web design.